Terms & Conditions

This page including the entire site sets out our terms and conditions that governs the use of this site, www.tikeet.com, by any person who uses it. The site is owned and operated by Tikeet Ltd, a company operating under its umbrella company WALTERS GROUP registered in England and Wales.


1.1. “EVENT” means gathering been organised or promoted by the third party and listed on our site by the promoter or organiser.

1.2. “PRIVACY POLICY” all information supplied by the user or promoter is confidential and will be treated as such.

1.3. “BOOKING FEES” means fees charged by tikeet.com and payable by the user for every ticket sold on the site.

1.4. “AGREEMENT” hereby means, any visitor using the site agrees to bound by our terms.

1.5. All tickets bought on this site are sold on behalf of an organiser or a promoter and the said event is NOT a liability of tikeet.com but solely the organiser’s. With any disputes that arises about any event, we advise the user to contact the promoter or the organiser promptly to resolve it, if not, tikeet Ltd will take all the necessary action required and if need being will issue refunds due to the user.

1.6. All our tickets are e-tickets, meaning all tickets sold are issued electronically to the user via the email address given by the user at the time of purchase. Tickets sold will be checked by the event organisers or the promoter at entry of the events for confirmation. We strongly advise users to print their e-tickets before arriving at the event. However, all e-tickets purchased can be dowloaded on smartphones and presented by the user at entry.

1.7. DISCLAIMER. Our site is solely govern by the UK laws.


1.1. “FEES” means tikeet.com sets a flat rate charge of 3% for every ticket sold.

1.2. Tikeet.com will transfer 80% of all sold tickets funds to the organiser or promoter a week before the event and the 20% of the funds 48 hrs after the event date.

1.3. As part of our policy, we reserve the right to send one of our agents to any event to confirm the event details, i.e. the performing artist etc in other to protect the consumer, or any raised disputes and to protect our reputation. Henceforth, one FREE all access ticket will be required by us from the organiser/promoter.